Before going to the details of the title, I would first like to inspect on why we need an online education service. In the days where education has become costly, tutoring has become rigorous, with jam packed college hours, with lot of assignments coupled with sky rocketing prices, students are deviating to alternate sources of learning platforms. Amongst these is the fast growing arena of online education services.


How Online Education Works

It is a medium where subject experts gather to share their knowledge with students. Online tutoring has accelerated in the recent times because of its omnipresence. Students register for the online classes as per their requirement, they are assigned personal tutors or they may join a class online which would be like a virtual classroom with the comfort of home. There are numerous ways an online service can be availed. It can be utilized by a student in the following ways:

  • For assignment help
  • For personal tutoring service
  • For virtual classroom training
  • For subject help on few topics
  • For exam guidance
  • For soft notes
  • For participating in discussion forums

Aforementioned are the most common services offered. But it may vary from each training partner.


 A peek in to the history fixes the spotlight on Mr. Bernard Luskin whose ground breaking initiation of telecourses at California Community College had led to a whole new world of E-learning. Eventually all the universities/colleges started exploring the possibility of teaching through this medium. Nowadays every university has a special online/virtual college courses which a student can register for. They have a blend of courses such as

  • E-learning training modules
  • Computer aided interactive sessions
  • Virtual classroom training
  • Online live training etc.

Surrounded by such countless choices, it may be challenging to choose from a host of online educational services. One needs to do a lot of homework researching for the best online tutors as there are multiple factors that play a role. Students always look for a distinguishing factor to zero down on signing up for a particular online tutoring service. Few of the angles on which we need to examine to determine the ideal E-tutoring partner are:

  • A thorough review of the services offered by the E-tutoring partner should be evaluated.
  • Look for the course that is required and check for availability of a fresh batch
  • A proper look on peer reviews, testimonials and feedbacks will add to judgement
  • 24/7 availability of subject help.
  • Access to soft notes.
  • Evaluation methods
  • Suitable timings
  • Offering of a free demo session/ free assignment help before enrollment
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Ideal classroom strength for better participation
  • Experience of the tutors
  • Reputation of the company
  • Scope of access to recorded sessions
  • Availability of practical training
  • Software/hardware installations as per subject demands
  • Interactive and audience driven sessions
  • Zero travel time & expense
  • Possibility of revisiting the modules for future subject revisions
  • Access to technology.

These are some of the directions a student can think on before opting an online tutoring service. Besides these a student should also check the scope of extra practice sessions which would help them during exam time. Also extended hours of support during exams will build students confidence.

Online Education Services

Thus the crux behind choosing a good education service is empowering oneself with best learning tools that can contribute to our academic success.