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object-oriented programming

So what is this Object Oriented programming (OOP) all about and why is it difficult to transpire its assignment work? OOP is programming language model that is weaved around objects and data. It is program that incorporates logical procedures of taking in input data, processes it and retrieves the output data.
Teaching OOP is a tough task though even its assignments take on nerve of every learner. It takes days for the teacher to make the students abreast with the concepts of OOP.  Various aspects like classes, constructors, friend functions, and other object oriented concepts. Even for those students who are well aware of procedural programming find OOP assignment a difficult nut to crack.

Other things that make OOP a nightmare are Paradigm, its languages (that includes C, C++, Java), classes, Methods, methodologies and UML. Such complex aspects make this language not every body’s cup of tea. And many students tend to get low marks and grades in the assignments of Object Oriented Programming.
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