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Answer for your English Assignment problems -Need Assignment Help

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21st century America: 10 decades of continued economic reforms

America continues to be the world’s strongest economic power even as it faces increasing challenges by the rising robust economies of Asia and Germany. The American economy continues to touch new grounds in the densely challenging but uplifting areas of exports to import ratios, IT revolution and manufacturing. Central to the might of the American economic super-power is its monetory policy, which can be understood as the control of the American Government over the money supply. It has improved significantly from the hugely upsetting recession. The strongest banks, brands and multinational corporations has always augmented direct flow of money into America’s cash rich economy but there has been a tremendous shift as far as global consumption of the demands for these multinationals is concerned.

 America economy

The American consumer is not the only one in demand for the glowing services of some of the most exquisite services of banking, automobile, IT and other services. America faces a stiff challenge from the likes of Asia where there are at least 3 consumers on comparison to 1 of the US.


There is a shift in the demand of manufacturing and export to the underrated tangent of the subcontinent. The 21st century has brought a litany of woes that stare in the face of the American economy and much of the challenge emanates from the rising Asian juggernaut. Apart from increasing foreign competition in the domains of manufacturing and exports, the internal economy has set huge benchmarks that aim at catapulting economic growth to sustainable levels, beyond short time frame. There has been a short term focus to repair immediate problems leading to under investments in essential drivers of sustainable growth. In the last economic bubble, the major pillars of lasting development like Research, Education, Energy were all ignored. While the health cost has not only doubled, figures suggest that healthcare alone is consuming an increasing amount of the nation’s resources. A bevy of economic ideas centered on the everyday consumer, industries, healthcare, social security and insurance aim to infuse fresh zeal into the uptight economic scenario. Evolving ideas that are in sync with the requirement of the times call for heavy economic spending:


1. Environmentalists aware of the climatic challenges the world is facing are ready to explore a gamut of ideas of the clean energy revolution.

2. The need for breakthrough ideas in Health and IT to support domestic population marred by choices cannot be ignored.

There is growing urgency in promoting competitive markets that spur productive entrepreneurship emphasizing on promoting American exports. The present scenario is ripe in America to introduce reforms in health, IT and education. As far as identification of ideas that will bolster economic resurgence is concerned, America’s social scientists are working in tandem with economists but in order to accomplish the aforementioned, stringent reforms and measures will have to be taken in a number of inter-relatable ideas affecting the common population:


National innovation strategy:

As competition goes manifold, prosperity can be garnered by deploying new products and practices. The government’s funding will needed to be directed to garner essential national goals. America has already progressed by leaps and bounds in early detection of diseases, developing next generation computer chips, developing smart anti- cancer therapeutics. The new thrust lies in creating jobs related to nanotechnology.



For the economy to progress, the local produce meant for global exports need to reach the cornerstone where demands lie in huge numbers. But, this cannot be garnered unless there are less sporadic and more sustainable developments in roads, bridges and mass transit. The present Government is keen to fix problems with physical infrastructure through ‘investing for performance reforms’.


Information and Communications Technology:

Social scientists and reformists are closely working at creating jobs in the sphere of cyber physical systems, secure computer networks and nanoelectronics.


There is tremendous scope to replenish the internal economic structure of America by spending rightfully. America will need to consider ground realities and work cohesively to augment new phase of life to the pillars on which its economy rests. This assured, can take America a long way in sustaining its economic model for 21st century sustenance and beyond.


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Marketing strategies to thrive and survive

Marketing strategies

In present information age, marketing is an element which is essential for survival by start ups and corporate giant rather than just a tool to thrive in their respective field. The scenario of marketing the products, services or just the brand name has been evolving since its inception. Some of the marketing tactics which are implemented by companies in the contemporary market include:


Conventional Offline Marketing

This is one of the oldest marketing methods which comprise use of colorful flyers and brochures, advertising banners and use of speakers to promotions.


Public relations (PR) marketing

It is one of the crucial marketing strategies which focus on generating a positive image of the brand or product by connecting with media or key people of the same segment.
As the agency responsible for generating favorable image for the brand is third party (like newspaper), end customers easily develop trust on them.
PR marketing today is not just focused on print media and television, but emphasis is also given on bloggers, interaction with influential customers and high profile events.


Digital marketing

Whether the business is online or offline, digital marketing is an ocean of opportunities which helps in attaining potential customers. One of its key components is social media which helps a brand to connect with its consumers or leads at various levels. It is an essential element as people from various strata with internet connection are registered to at least one channel of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram etc to name a few. Social media marketing with multiple analytics tools allows the company to track its efficiency with respect to the costs incurred on it. Search engine optimization (SEO) marketing which aids in improving the search engine rank of the website is another inevitable form of digital marketing. E-mail marketing, affiliate marketing, online advertising, pay-per-click and blogging are also some of the essentials of digital marketing.


Free Sample Marketing

This consists of two formats. In first, a specific product is offered free or at discounted price with other regular product. In other format, samples are distributed among a group of people without any purchases. In many cases, online registration or feedback is also part of this marketing strategy.


Guerrilla Marketing

It is a creative form of inexpensive and unconventional marketing type to generate maximum attention of general public. Graffiti, flash mobs, placing brand objects on streets etc are some of the examples of guerilla marketing. ‘Happiness Machine’ campaign by soft drink giant Coca Cola which became viral on the internet is a successful type of guerilla marketing.


Community marketing

This type of promotional drive engages the existing community of customers to ensure long term sustainability of brand. Some of the strategies linked with community marketing include:


1. Community dinner for esteemed customers.
2. Organizing webinars.
3. Innovation centers to enhance creative contribution of customers.
4.. Meetups which allow like-minded customers to gather together.

Event Marketing

This is a marketing method which drives which makes a lasting impression of brand on existing and potential customers. Some of the event types which can indulge crowd in large number include marathons, cultural parades, food festivals and fashion shows etc. Companies can tie up with other sponsors in order to reduce the overall cost of organizing an event.


Content Marketing

It is another cost-effective form of marketing in which valuable and informative generic content is developed by the companies which attracts the consumers. Some of the offline and online formats of content marketing include magazines, white papers, videos, blogs, e-books, infographics and images etc. The marketing and advertising in any form will always act as an organic fertilizer to maintain the fertility of the brand.


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Computer Assignment – Things to Consider while Drafting the Homework

Computer assignment is a difficult accomplishment. Students enrolling in the respective course have often expressed their anxiety regarding the computer assignments which are given to them every now and then. Encompassing almost all the difficult spheres, further categorized into a variety of theoretical and practical disciplines, below listed are some covered in the respective task:

1. Computer Programming
2. Computer Networks
3. Programming Languages
4. Operating Systems
5. System Programming
6. Computer Graphics
7. Data Structures and Algorithms

In case you wish to accomplish the task on your own, there are certain things that must be understood and incorporated. Below listed checklist offers an insight to how go about the computer assignment before submitting the same for evaluation.

Correct Format:

In any technical assignment, it is important to note that correct format is followed and adhered to throughout. Students must understand that it is far different from how an essay or a report is written. Cross check the format with the presentation requirements drafted by college/ tutor.

Befitting Content:

Once the format is sorted, make sure to incorporate only appropriate content. Include all the related content and ensure that you have missed on anything out in terms of content. Go through the section twice to remove sections that are irrelevant or redundant.

Overall Structure:

It simply means that one must set the section in flow. Take a quick look and ensure that the overall structure is in flow and absolute readable.  Start with a great beginning and proceed to how the assignment will cover. Synch each paragraph with other which can lead on logically till the last.  Don’t miss on including a valid conclusion that is appropriate to summarize the main points.

Great Looking Paragraphs:

Cross check to ensure that the writing pattern you have followed falls into clear ‘chunks’.  Take only one topic into account and while is led by only few of sub-topics in each paragraph. Once accomplished, reorganise the content order to eliminate single sentences that fall without a link.


It is a must to be included if extracts are taken and incorporated. Are you are using the right system (Numbering, Harvard, OSCOLA)? Have you consistently identified the source of any material you have used in your work?

Sentences Compositions:

Bad sentence composition is a definite let down! Go through all the sentences to ensure that the language used is correct, keeping the sentences crisp and to the point. Reading out loud is the best way to ensure accuracy.

Need help with Biology Assignment?

When Mike had to write a thousand words long assignment explaining the vegetative state of protozoa, he felt his world crashing under his feet. With only two days in hand, it was definitely impossible for Mike to write an assignment on such a critical topic. Failing to find an alternate route to complete his assignment, Mike ended up copying a considerable chunk of the answer from the internet. The rest is history!

Biology AssignmentNot an unfamiliar situation eh? There are thousands of students like Mike who suffer under the pressure of writing assignments in biology. With the list of subjects to study increasing every year, being a student has seemed to become no less than a burden. Truckload of homework and assignments with impending deadlines to follow has definitely made the life of students a nightmare.

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The leading edge Object Oriented Programming assignment help

Are you into object oriented programming forte in computers?  Then you must be definitely stuck up with the assignment aspect!! Then take a chill pill. Need Assignment Help, the ace online assignment aid provider has architected state of art assignment help that makes the assignment forte of Object Oriented Programming a cake walk activity altogether.

object-oriented programming

So what is this Object Oriented programming (OOP) all about and why is it difficult to transpire its assignment work? OOP is programming language model that is weaved around objects and data. It is program that incorporates logical procedures of taking in input data, processes it and retrieves the output data.
Teaching OOP is a tough task though even its assignments take on nerve of every learner. It takes days for the teacher to make the students abreast with the concepts of OOP.  Various aspects like classes, constructors, friend functions, and other object oriented concepts. Even for those students who are well aware of procedural programming find OOP assignment a difficult nut to crack.

Other things that make OOP a nightmare are Paradigm, its languages (that includes C, C++, Java), classes, Methods, methodologies and UML. Such complex aspects make this language not every body’s cup of tea. And many students tend to get low marks and grades in the assignments of Object Oriented Programming.
Now with Need Assignment Help, your assignments partner any OOP assignment is an easy aspect to handle and materialize. The presidium team of expert programmers who weave the assignments in such a manner that it stands ahead in every flare. These assiduous programmers start the work from the scratch i.e. with three main parts of OOP – abstraction, inheritance and encapsulation. They then build up the assignments based on these vital aspects and also as per the needs and requirements of the clients.

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They make the students understand the object oriented programming right from the basics. They make the students aware that this programming language is used to develop many applications – simple and complicated, business, games, mobile and desktop applications. It is core language of computer as developers chose to do programming in this OOP paradigm as the perfect incorporation of objects makes it easier to build, maintain and upgrade an application.

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