Celebrate a Secular Christmas – Reinventing Rituals

Look around and you will see lights! Christmas days are here spreading joy and glory. Reds, whites and greens are peeping out of the wardrobe! But how can this year’s Christmas be made better than the last one. Pledge to make it different!


Apart from singing Christmas Carols, don’t forget to wear a broad smile and stay cheerful. This is definitely going to let you enjoy even more. Say Happy Holidays and relax with family enjoying every moment of this festival. Kid around and sink yourself in the festive spirit. Watch out for Baba Noel through the window, leave carrots for the reindeer and clogs by the fire for Santa and engulf the magic that is glittered around. Here are some tips that can spice this year’s celebration for you and your family. Try these:

  • See how others celebrate this: How about conducing some research on how people in other countries celebrate Christmas? There are great books that list down the traditions, some special food recipes and craft projects. Also, these can be learnt from any local cultural center, museums and libraries that feature exhibits for the families.
  • Holiday Time Travel: With the ascending time, many Christmas rituals are left behind that can be reinvented. As an illustration, popcorn and/or cranberry garland threading had been an old tradition dating back the Victorian times. Additionally, many moms used to fashion granny dolls or yarn dolls for their kids. These customs can definitely add a spicy twist to the modern celebrations.
  • Decorate a Christmas Tree: Don’t just buy any tree! Instead, prefer going out with your family to a nearby Christmas tree farm and cut the one as per your liking. Always pick a tree that fits your house, wrap it with lights, spread glitter and hang beautiful family heirloom ornaments. You can also give a decoration twist by using a tree with superhero themed ornaments or Star Trek, Disney characters etc. One can be as creative as one wish to be to make the tree more personalized and unique. Also, make sure that it is watered occasionally and remains safe from pets.
  • Host Christmas dinner: Want to make it different? How about a potluck? Extensive variety displaying distinct culinary skills is a fantastic idea for a Christmas meal. This also helps in keeping the expenses and the workload absolutely manageable. The motive behind this is to bring everyone together at one place and make the snowy winter evening warmer and memorable. Make this dinner fulfilled with a roast turkey to tantalize their taste buds!
  • Together Go Christmas caroling: Once you have everyone present, join everyone for a melodic Christmas Carol Recitation. Add some Christmas songs, and Singular/plural together to make it a more fun filled event. Blas the Christmas music in your house, exchange presents, slide the cakes and feed each other during your Christmas party to make it the most memorable experience for everyone. Since popular songs are “Frosty the Snowman,” “Silver Bells,” “Holly Jolly Christmas,” and everyone’s favorite “Jingle Bells,”

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